Merci pour la Maj. Certain cover types are disabled for the loader when it doesn’t use them. I’ll add it to others soon. Hold shift to select a range of items, or hold Ctrl to select separate individual items. After translating some of them, run « Update language strings » again to reorganise everything. After an archive was extracted, the usage size wasn’t calculated, which caused the ISO to labelled as invalid.

Nom: wbfs manager wiigen
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 36.9 MBytes

If you use it, please let me know your results. CSV Comma-separated values file. Ou quelqun à t’il le programme sur Vista et comment la t’il installer Merci. It’s much more stable than anything else I tried. A simple typo caused the bug that wbfa should’ve shown up before. Now a 1MB buffer is used to read the files in small chunks.

Problems with NPOT textures on systems that don’t support it.

wbfs manager wiigen

So manaer can store all the files in one folder and rename to « Title [GameID]. Now using a toolbar. Loads of little things. Est-ce que l’interface filtre manaver iso affichées?? CSV Comma-separated values file. The language database filter wasn’t working correctly.

WBFS Manager (32 bits) – Télécharger

Sinon, Bravo et Merci, c’est déjà du bon boulot! You can add gamecube ISOs on the files page, but transfers are broken so they’re not usable yet. A serious issue with title renaming that caused corrupt WBFS files. I still can’t remove wiign from the menus for some reason. Sondage Android, iOS ou autre?


I’m still not sure why it happened because I can’t reproduce it, but now the files and folders are moved in 2 steps. I was removing colons « : A bug tracker is available mmanager http: After translating some of them, run « Update language strings » again to reorganise everything. Incremental sbfs wikgen scrolls the selection into view.

Télécharger WBFS Manager 4.0 et WBFS Linux

The wuigen will only use covers that already exist too. This made it impossible to tell why the game wasn’t loaded. Browse all know games in the WiiTDB database. Sometimes the cover downloads would only download to the cache instead of the configured folders. I set them to http: Je ne voit pas les iso qui sont décryptés backup-Loader V1 Quelqu’un d’autre à la problème??? Wiigeh simple typo caused the bug that really should’ve shown up before. It doesn’t need rewritten anyway, so the code shouldn’t have been there.

Télécharger WBFS Manager et WBFS Linux – Wii Info

J’aurais aimé t’aidé mais pour ma part aucun iso n’est affiché, que ce soit pour ceux du pc où ceux du DD, j’entre bien la lettre de mon DD et rien n’apparait: Now the media type is set from the drive geometry info so it should work with any drive type. Naming conventions for files, just the same wfs folders.


Preset cover configuration for popular USB loaders. Some people find the « ding » annoying.

wbfs manager wiigen

When disabled, WBM behaves just like the loaders, where you can download missing covers only. Database filter wiigdn wasn’t translated correctly when setting the language. See the entry below for an example of how this can happen. They were wiigeh onto black, instead of the background.

Ability to use Wii discs that have invalid entries in the partition tables. First to a temp location, then to the final location, which avoids any mix ups.

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